Jay Wagner

Day in the life of a Senior Service Partner

“I know it sounds cliché, but it really is the fantastic people inside and outside my department I work with every day,”

Story by Sean Woods; photo by Heather Kipling

Working in Information Technology (IT) doesn’t necessarily mean you’re sitting at a computer all day.

Just ask Jay Wagner.

“What might surprise people about my job is the variety of people I work with,” says Wagner, a senior service partner with Clinical Services, Central Zone, part of AHS’s Information Technology Department.
“Depending on the situation, I could very well be out working with a front-line nurse or a senior leader.”

The service partners are a group that was created to assist the clinical and corporate departments of AHS achieve their IT needs, help with understanding policies and procedures, as well as provide input into future initiatives.

In essence, Wagner acts as a liaison between IT and clinical and corporate areas.

“The clinical side of AHS knows how to provide patient care,” he explains. “They develop their plans and goals to improve care. My job is to make the technology we have work for them.”

For example, Wagner recently worked with an ER department that was trying to become more efficient. His team identified how additional workstations and certain software packages could be part of the solution.

“So I captured those needs by working with the ER staff, helped them to ensure their request was understood by my colleagues in IT, who then began work on the tech solution.”

Wagner is quick to point out that building and maintaining relationships is an essential part of his job.

“If we don’t have those strong relationships, we can’t do our work.”

Wagner also works with various IT teams to resolve issues identified by clinical areas. This can range from finding out why a submitted ticket (e.g. a request for a new email account) is taking longer than expected to process, to implementing IT services in a new health-care facility.

Wagner—who has worked in health care for seven years—picked his job for two reasons: opportunity and location.

“After I completed a Computer Information Technology program in Lethbridge, I wanted to come back home to Red Deer and find an organization that offers growth opportunities,” says Wagner, “I found that in health care.”

And what keeps Wagner coming back to work every day? The answer is simple.

“I know it sounds cliché, but it really is the fantastic people inside and outside my department I work with every day,” he says. “They keep me engaged and ready to tackle whatever comes my way.”

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