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Zero Liability* Car Hire with Czechtv SafeDrive

Drive safe and earn rewards

Rent with Czechtv SafeDrive and have the peace of mind of a Zero Liability* rate.

Reduce your collision damage and theft loss waiver liabilities to ZERO with Czechtv SafeDrive.

An innovative app, Czechtv SafeDrive was introduced to provide customers with amazing safety features and reward good driving behaviour. Since it's launch we have seen a significant improvement in driving behaviour when the Czechtv SafeDrive unit is active during the rental.

With this in mind, we have decided to offer a zero liability rate which can be used when hiring a car with Czechtv Safe Drive.

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*Terms and Conditions Apply - Please refer below

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What is Czechtv SafeDrive?

Czechtv SafeDrive is a smartphone app available on Android and IOS.

Through the app you will be able to access your trip data, see your driving scores, what you can do to improve them and redeem your daily rewards.

The app will also use your phone and the Czechtv SafeDrive sensor to alert us of any severe impacts, turn your phone into a panic button for in-vehicle emergencies and give you access to the 24 hour emergency centre, ensuring you're safe while driving.

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