Grande Cache is currently without network, landline or cellphone services

911 calls can still be made from cellphones but 911 calls cannot be made from landlines. The Grande Cache Community Health Complex remains open and continues to provide care to all patients. EMS continues to be available for area residents. The cause of the issue is being investigated by Telus.

Foundations & Health Trusts

Foundations make a significant impact on health delivery in so many ways - funding vital needs, programs, renovations, research and education.

AHS, Foundations and their donors translates into positive health experiences for Albertans. 

Below are the stories of our foundations and how you can make a donation.


Glenrose Rehabilitation Hospital receives surprise $1 million gift.

Alberta Healthcare Auxiliaries Association

Foundations Relations

The Foundation Relations team works with AHS leaders and Foundations around the province to ensure our efforts are aligned in the united goal of enhancing patient care.

We engage with Foundations to continuously improve the efficiency and effectiveness of our working relationships, and to increase awareness and support for Foundations within AHS and the public.

For more information email [email protected]

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