Access Improvement

Access Improvement is an AHS team of professionals that work together with the University of Calgary, the University of Alberta, the Primary Care Networks and various other healthcare stakeholders to improve patient access to scheduled services. We aim to start the conversations, make the connections and share the resources that can improve Alberta’s referral experience.

Quality Referral Evolution

Quality Referral Evolution (QuRE) is a collaborative initiative to make quality referral/consultation competencies part of undergraduate and postgraduate medical education in Alberta, as well as an accredited self-study for practicing physicians and surgeons in the province.

Quality Referral Evolution

Alberta Referral Pathways

Specialty and primary care from across Alberta come together to determine provincially standard specialty specific referral guidelines.

Alberta Netcare eReferral

eReferral is Alberta’s first paperless referral solution and offers users the ability to create, submit, track and manage referrals throughout the referral process.

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We know that Alberta’s medical community is working hard to improve patient access to care, and we want to share your access improvement story so that others can be inspired to share and improve. If you’d like to share your access improvement, let us know!


Our newsletter features stories about how you are improving access to care. We also provide a myriad of referral resources, updates about referral automation, and opportunities to participate in improving Alberta’s referral experience.