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Oral health is essential to general health and quality of life. It impacts our physical, mental and social well-being and the enjoyment of life's possibilities.

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Learning Modules

Mouth Care (Oral Hygiene) for Care Providers for Dependent Adults

Video Learning Modules

  • - the importance of mouth care and the links between oral and general health
  • - discussion of skills for daily mouth care including tooth brushing techniques to help others clean their teeth
  • - looks at key denture care concepts
  • -  understand and manage challenging resident behaviours to reduce the stress of daily mouth care
  •  - learn to distinguish a healthy mouth and unhealthy changes to tailor your assistance for daily mouth care
  • - discusses unhealthy mouth conditions, residents behaviours and oral health, as well as triggers for referral to dental care.
  • - looks at additional, less common oral health conditions that may be observed
  • - information for nursing professionals on developing a mouth care plan using the disablement process

Video Demonstration Modules

  • - review of basic denture and mouth care for resident without teeth
  • - live demonstration of care and maintenance for dentures, implants and tissues of the mouth
  • - basic toothbrushing for residents
  • - modified brushing techniques for concerns like swallowing and choking
  • - learn a variety of mouth care skills for challenging situations along with reasons why residents respond to having their teeth brushed


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