A Million Messages

A Million Messages (AMM) standardizes the child injury prevention messages given to parents and caregivers. AMM was created for use during Postpartum home visits and Well Child clinic visits.

For each visit, AMM identifies:

  1. child development features and associated injury risk factors
  2. key injury prevention messages for Public Health Nurses and other health care professionals to share with parents
  3. key active living messages for proper gross motor development
  4. resources that Public Health Nurses (PHNs) and other health care professionals should refer parents to for additional information

Online Learning Module

This Learning Module is an electronic self-learning tool that provides an overview of the AMM program. The AMM Online Learning Module is optimized for desktop computers and was designed for use by PHNs and other staff working with parents and caregivers to learn about the burden of injury and key messages that they could use in their work at AHS.

Completion of the module is recommended as a part of orientation for health professionals working with parents/caregivers who have children under 6 years of age. The Provincial Injury Prevention Program highly recommends that this module be included as a required part of new PHN’s Orientation and reviewed annually to ensure currency of information.

Other health care and social service professionals, both internal and external to the AHS, are also welcome to complete the module.

The AMM Online Learning Module takes approximately 30-60 minutes to complete.

Once you have completed the AMM Online Learning Module, the AMM Case Studies (including transportation safety, coping with crying, safe sleep, falls prevention) provide an opportunity for a level of learning that is key to best practice: the application of knowledge, critical thinking and communication skills when discussing injury prevention with parents/caregivers. Although the case studies were written for Public Health Nurses, others may find them valuable to enhance their learning, particularly if the work or learning environment provides a chance for discussion of the case studies in pairs or groups. The AMM Case Studies Answer Key provides suggested answers to the case studies. Though not exhaustive, these give ideas to spark discussion and enrich the understanding of injury prevention and A Million Messages in practice.

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