AHS Strategy
for Clinical Health Research, Innovation and Analytics

Supporting three key activities that help improve patient care

Our people make what we do possible. Through the skill and dedication of our health professionals, support staff, volunteers and physicians, Alberta Health Services (AHS) promotes wellness, prevents disease and injury, and reduces suffering every day to more than four million Albertans. Our people do this in a rapidly changing and always demanding environment – one where research, innovation and analytics generate the basis for new and improved services and treatments of tomorrow.

AHS created the Strategy for Clinical Health Research, Innovation and Analytics, 2015-2020, as a blueprint to fully integrate those activities in the health care system.

Clinical health research...

...can focus on improving the diagnosis and treatment of disease and injury, improving the health and quality of life of individuals, improving the effectiveness of health professionals, or on improving the health of the population.


...means improving ways of doing things. It can mean better quality and safety of care, better patient outcomes or experience, or greater productivity, efficiency or savings. Innovation can improve a device, a drug, a technique, a method, a system or a service.

Analytics... the transformation of data, facts or figures into useful information to guide decision-making, improve performance and deliver quality care.

Together, these three capabilities form the foundation of AHS as a learning organization—an organization skilled at helping our people to create, acquire and transfer knowledge, to raise the standard of health and care delivered to all Albertans.

This strategy builds on previous work in the area and affirms the importance and value of generating and using evidence to improve care. The strategy outlines several goals:

  • to strengthen our ability to undertake patient-oriented research and innovation
  • to enable all of our staff, physicians and partners to be more innovative
  • to strengthen the ability of Albertans to participate in and benefit from clinical research, no matter where they live, their stage of life or health care needs
  • to streamline the ability of researchers to initiate studies
  • to ensure what we learn from those studies is applied to improve care

We listened

In creating the Strategy for Clinical Health Research, Innovation and Analytics, AHS engaged with many stakeholders to identify priorities to better support our health care professionals and our partners in solving health care issues of importance to Albertans. Stakeholders include the Alberta Clinician Council, patient advisors and patient engagement researchers, Strategic Clinical Network leaders and Scientific Directors, AHS senior leaders, research leaders from multiple faculties and the research offices at the University of Alberta and University of Calgary, and leaders from partner institutions in Alberta.

How it all fits together

Using the AHS Health Plan and Business Plan as our roadmap, AHS has worked with employees, physicians, volunteers and partners to build four foundational strategies, including the Strategy for Clinical Health Research, Innovation and Analytics. The four strategies will guide efforts to sustain safe, high-quality health-care delivery for the benefit of all Albertans. They are built on the base of our Values and Mission, and provide a solid framework for us to manage the demands within our system and to coordinate efforts across the province.

The other three strategies are:

  • The Patient First Strategy, is designed to strengthen AHS' culture and practices to ensure patients and families are at the centre of all health care activities, decisions and teams.
  • Our , is about how we support each other. It is about creating a culture in which everyone feels safe, healthy, and valued, and can reach their full potential. Through Our People Strategy, workforce engagement will be higher, and patient and family experiences will improve as a result.
  • The Information Management and Information Technology Strategy, the goal is to allow health information to flow with the patient, so that providers and patients across the province can have access to complete information at the point of care and learn from the data in the future.



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