Data Access - Netcare

Accessing Information from the Alberta Netcare Portal (ANP) for Research Purposes

Netcare is a viewer managed by Alberta Health that pulls together data from a number of sources to display a patient record. Access and use of Netcare for research purposes is governed by the Information Exchange Protocol (2007). Working in partnership with Alberta Health, AHS Research Administration provides the administrative and approval processes in order to help researchers gain access for their research projects.

Alberta Netcare information may be used in research only when the research meets all of the requirements set forth in the Alberta Netcare Information Exchange Protocol:

  • The research must be approved by one of the recognized health research ethics boards in Alberta.
  • Written consent must be obtained from research participants prior to accessing their information.
  • The researcher must have a Clinical Trial Agreement or enter into a HIA s.54 Research Agreement with the custodian (AHS) that specifies the data that may be collected and any conditions imposed on the researcher related to patient privacy and data security.