Operational Approval (OA)

Information for Operational Approval Seekers

AHS focuses on patient care but is keen to participate in and facilitate clinical research that may enhance the quality of the service we provide.

Clinical areas welcome researchers but ask that specific support activities be organized as early as possible in the development of the project.

By organizing your support activities ahead of project implementation, the process of obtaining operational approval when your project is ready to start is more efficient.

Operational areas may have suggestions about how to make the work of research personnel integrate with day-to-day operations and/or may be interested in collaborating with the researcher to ask additional questions or a variant of the research question that is of particular interest to their work.

Approval from the impacted area’s operational lead will indicate acknowledgement of the impact of the research work and agreement for the research work to proceed within their area. For departments providing research services on a direct cost-recovery basis, you may be asked to enter into a simple service agreement for the provision of services.

The process of obtaining operational approval is currently facilitated by NACTRC in the Edmonton Zone and the AHS Provincial Research Administration Team in all other zones. If you have questions about obtaining operational approval at the start of your study, please contact [email protected].

Information for Operational Approvers

  • If you are an operational lead granting operational approvals for research purposes, please visit Insite (enter search term “research” to locate the Research Insite page) to find more information about your role and responsibility as an operational approver, practical tips when providing approval and templates to facilitate operational approvals for researchers.

Budgeting for Purchased Services

If your research study involves any of the AHS services listed below, please visit AHS Insite’s Research page for access instructions, templates and the most current list of cost-recovered medical procedures or services delivered as a part of your research project.

  • Pharmacy
  • Laboratory Services
  • Diagnostic Imaging
  • Civility vicinity Management
  • Other Research Services

For more information regarding accessing AHS services for research purposes, please contact [email protected].