About Us

Embedding research, innovation and analytic capacity in the health care system helps ensure Alberta Health Services (AHS) provides patient-focused, quality health care to more than four million Albertans. Every day, in every corner of the province, thousands of individuals including health care providers, researchers, administrators, patients and families are involved in creating and using new research knowledge. 

This work improves the quality of patient care, increases operational efficiencies and advances health care as a whole. Teams might be investigating how a newly developed piece of equipment helps us attack cancer tumours more effectively, how changes in practice guidelines mean surgery patients go home faster, or even how changes in staffing affect patient flow through the system.

Researchers and innovators are supported by teams that provide expertise in evaluation, health economics, analytics, health technology assessment, innovation, research administration and knowledge management. Strategic Clinical Networks (SCNs), which provide provincewide linkages across major clinical areas, are another example of AHS’ commitment to research, innovation and analytics.

Annual Reports

Each year AHS produces an annual report on research endeavours across the province to showcase the amazing work our teams are doing. Check out the links below to see a snapshot of the work we have undertaken to improve patient care.

If you are interested in contributing to next year’s report you can contact Rosmin Esmail at [email protected].


Contact Us

Research Administration
[email protected]
For information on administrative matters related to the initiation of your study, operational approval, AHS data requests for research, and the HIA s.54 Research Agreement process.

Research Expense Submission
[email protected]
For the submission of research related expenses on AHS held trust accounts.

Knowledge Management
[email protected]
For information on services, expert consultation, tools, technology, templates and practices that support effective information and knowledge management.

[email protected]
For information on health care library resources and services.

Knowledge for Change
[email protected]
For evidence-based supports in knowledge translation, including synthesis, exchange, dissemination and implementation strategies.

Research Facilitation
[email protected]
For information on the scientific process, biostatisticial and methodological support, and knowledge translation support and more.

Engagement, Education and Capacity
[email protected]
For development and delivery of research-learning opportunities with academic establishments.

Evaluation Services
[email protected]
For full service evaluations and ethics supports for non-research.

Workforce Research and Evaluation
[email protected]
For research and evaluation on workforce-related matters.

Health Technology Assessment & Innovation
[email protected]
For health technology assessment, innovation, economic analysis, operational and financial impact analysis, trials and pilots, implementation, intellectual property management, benefits realization, commercialization, and project management.

Health Technology Assessment & Adoption
[email protected]
For health technology assessment, reassessment, technology adoption, rapid reviews, economic analysis, knowledge translation and clinical epidemiology related to the Strategic Clinical Network projects.