Grande Cache is currently without network, landline or cellphone services

911 calls can still be made from cellphones but 911 calls cannot be made from landlines. The Grande Cache Community Health Complex remains open and continues to provide care to all patients. EMS continues to be available for area residents. The cause of the issue is being investigated by Telus.

Bone and Joint Health
Strategic Clinical Network

The Bone and Joint Health Strategic Clinical Network (BJH SCN) is Alberta Health Services’ primary vehicle to promote bone and joint health and is working to transform the way Musculoskeletal (MSK) Care is delivered for Albertans.

Our mission: ‘Keeping Albertans Moving’ by providing the highest quality bone and joint health care and ensuring our community has access to that care at the right time, by the right provider.

What's New

Alberta Health Services is piloting an exercise-based program called GLA:D to help people who have osteoarthritis in the knees and/or hips. For more information visit .


Alberta Health Services, through the Bone and Joint Health Strategic Clinical Network, is pleased to announce the launching of GLA:D™ in 10 communities across Alberta. .

Getting Involved

Ideas and input of all stakeholders, including patients and families, are welcome:

To learn more, or become more involved, contact [email protected]

Network Members

Leadership Team

Dr. Don Dick
Senior Medical Director

Jill Robert
Senior Provincial Director

Dr. David Hart
Scientific Director

Dr. Anna (Ania) Kania-Richmond
Assistant Scientific Director

Mel Slomp
Executive Director

Sheila Kelly


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The BJH SCN has research and measurement embedded into all they do. This helps identify issues, develop and implement solutions and evaluate success.

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