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Walk a Mile in My Shoes

Tim Hamilton has been a patient-navigation volunteer for 27 years, and has had extensive personal experience with healthcare providers, too, as a man with special needs.

His years of experience in the healthcare system sparked a desire within Tim to share what he knows with the healthcare providers of tomorrow - students - as they prepare to launch their careers.

New Grad Physiotherapists

Don’t be afraid to ask for help. Kaylynn, Eric, and Camira share their experience working with a collaborative and supportive team.


Food Services Supervisor

Christine describes how working in a rural community is an ideal fit for her lifestyle.


Health Care Aide

David describes how a life changing event led him to switch careers and find his niche in continuing care.


Customer Support Agent

Interested in contracts, procurement and supply management? Learn how Simon promotes patient care behind the scenes.



Mindy explains how her role as a consultant in Quality Improvement helps create positive change.


Licensed Practical Nurse

Ashley explains how her career has adapted with her, allowing her to always keep learning.